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Welcome to TrainedIn, the leading Global Marketplace for training and consultancy providers. Showcase your business and services to a wide audience while allowing clients to effortlessly find exactly what they need through advanced search criteria.

TrainedIn is poised to revolutionize the industry, despite being in its early stages. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a dominant Global force.

At TrainedIn, we prioritize the values of Visibility, Affordability, and Sustainability. We believe in creating a level playing field, where businesses of all sizes, including freelancers, have equal access to our marketplace.

Moreover, TrainedIn offers providers the opportunity to become preferred suppliers. This allows them to access a vast array of services from numerous providers and conveniently receive a single invoice for all transactions.

Join TrainedIn today and unlock endless possibilities for your training industry services. Experience unparalleled growth and success in this thriving marketplace.

Discover a wealth of training opportunities with us. Our diverse course catalogue spans from compliance to business and beyond, catering to a multitude of professional needs. Whether you’re upskilling or reskilling, we’re your go-to for comprehensive, quality training. Delve into our course offerings today.

Outsourced Training Strategy &

TrainedIn, the premier outsourcing service provider for training strategies and services in the industry. Our expertise lies in assisting businesses with optimising the learning and development strategies of their teams.

We collaborate closely with businesses to develop tailored learning and development strategies that align seamlessly with their unique goals and objectives.

Our comprehensive range of services includes Training Needs Analysis, Strategic Planning, Scheduling, Internal Marketing, and the provision of branded learning management systems. These systems ensure efficient recording of all training delivered, facilitating seamless tracking and management.

Partner with TrainedIn today and empower your business with a highly effective learning and development strategy. Maximise the potential of your teams and propel your business towards success in the ever-evolving marketplace.

Our Expert Providers

TrainedIn, the ultimate destination for industry experts in the training industry. Whether you’re a subject matter Expert, Instructor, Coach, Mentor, or Public Speaker, our platform is designed to showcase and connect you with clients seeking your expertise. With over 300 registered providers, TrainedIn is the go-to source for accessing expert professionals in any field.

Our commitment is to ensure our clients have the right expert support to achieve their primary objectives. If we don’t currently have the specific expert you require, rest assured that we will diligently search and find the perfect match for your needs.

Join TrainedIn for free today and unlock remarkable opportunities. Gain unparalleled exposure to a larger client base and leverage our expertise to effectively market your business. With TrainedIn, you can take your training industry career to new heights.

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