Whether you’re an individual looking for a personal fitness trainer, a grinds tutor or a career coach; or a business needing training and development for your staff, it’s always the same challenge.

Use a search engine, trawl through pages of findings, check the vast array of offering, contact the provider by phone or email, get a quote, compare your quotes in a spreadsheet, go back to the provider you think is best, check availability, they’re not available, check the next person…it’s a weary process.

Business Users

This is the ultimate resource for individuals, business owners, procurement, HR and senior managers to efficiently and effectively find suitable training or consultancy providers.

Benefits for Business Users

reduce admin

Significantly reduce your admin

If you represent an organisation that uses a wide range of trainers, tutors, coaches, and consultants, you can quickly review course content, compare quotes and reviews, check availability and reserve. Best of all, booking through TrainedIn means the providers are validated and you have one invoice for all your training and development needs.

short notice

Find a provider at short notice

Two months ago, you booked a health and safety trainer to deliver a course to 50 employees. They’ve just called to say they’re ill and can’t provide the course. Don’t panic; we have the most extensive selection of trainers on our platform; through our ‘Emergency’ section you will be able to advertise your job to get a last-minute replacement without having to reschedule your day.


Competitive Advantages

Our rates are based on affordability for all, allowing small businesses and sole traders to have their business boosted by being represented on the platform. With the ambition to become number one for all searches related to training, consultancy, wellness and recognition, TrainedIn will allow users to use the platform as it’s main marketing tool so internal costs can be redistributed.

Learning Management System

Create a culture of Learning and Development within your business or organisation. Use our Learning Management System to create your own training with your own content. It is simple to do and everything is traceable. You can add tests, assignments, carry out surveys, gather feedback and attached documents to individual profiles.

While we will support you, we also want to empower you and your teams to take control of your own learning.

Do you need help sourcing an Expert?

Tell us what you need, where you need it, and when you need it and let us take care of the rest.



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